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Fun Agility Class - No Classes Scheduled at Present

It’s a fun agility class, the emphasis is on the FUN!

Fun agility is different from the normal agility, all the same equipment but it’s scaled down and for pet owners, if you’re looking for competitive stuff, I’m afraid you may disappointed with this class but it would make a good introduction.

The course is 6 weeks long and is a gentle introduction to agility. Dogs attending should have a basic level of training and a recall would be wonderful! All types of dogs over one year old are welcome and we’ll tailor the training around the dog and handlers’ activity levels. So what are you waiting for? Get Active!


The dogs have to be over a year old as any activity that involves jumping puts stress on joints and if the dog is still growing then any such activity could potentially cause abnormal growth or lead to accidents. The only exception to the rule on being over a year old is the German Shepherd which we have to insist that they be a little older at 15 months before they can start to do agility.

Will it just be border collies that will be in the class?

No, all types of dogs are welcome, agility is not just for collies. Granted they do have the edge when it comes to speed and manouvreability but as this is a fun agility class, the emphasis is firmly on the fun not competition. Our first course had a Staffordshire Terrier, a terrier cross, a Cocker Spaniel, an older Labrador, a Bearded Collie and yes, a Border Collie. So quite a mix of dogs I think you will agree, but each and every one of them picked things up very easily.

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Why do the dogs have to be over a year old?