Dog Training Classes & Behaviour Consultations

Dog Training Class

We'll help you understand your dogs basic needs and the language they use to express themselves. All our dog training & puppy classes are limited in size and over the weeks we'll give tailored advice and support which works for your dog.  We can also show you how to interact with your dog, learning to praise the good behaviour and help avoid any future problem behaviours such as biting, excessive barking & food aggression.

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Beginners   TBA            8 Weeks   TBA                Airth

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Airth Classes - Wednesday evenings at Airth Community Centre

Class Fees

Beginners Class / Puppy Class 8 week course

One to One Behaviour Consultations

For info on dog or puppy training class times, up to date prices and how to book please use our Contact Us form

See the latest updates on the Club Class pages for those who are interested in continuing their training after attending our beginners classes.